Your Intellectual Property (IP) should be a key asset of your business. It needs to be identified, protected and nurtured where appropriate. Whether you make products or supply services, there are different sectors of IP that are appropriate to your activities.

The first step in using your IP effectively is to have a clear understanding of what rights you actually hold and what you can do to build and strengthen your overall IP portfolio. One of key roles is therefore to help you understand what IP rights you already have and what you can do to enhance your IP position.

Once your IP has been identified, we can advise you on how this can be optimally protected, within your budget. This often may include rationalising your IP rights where the cost in maintaining them is without sufficient return.

Auditing your IP is not a one-off activity. It should be undertaken on a regular basis to ensure your IP portfolio is in good order and working for you. We like to build a relationship with you whereby effective IP auditing occurs naturally and continuously in your business.