Hannah Kite - Technical Assistant
MChem, BSc.

Hannah joined Graham Watt & Co in June 2018 after graduating from the University of Leeds with a 1st Class Honours degree in Chemistry. During her time at University, Hannah gained industrial experience in large-scale process chemistry in the polyurethane department at BASF. Hannah also spent time in the Physics department at the University of Alberta in Canada developing dye-doped and conjugated polymer microlasers for sensing applications.

Hannah’s Masters research was aimed at engineering precisely defined surface topographies of polymer substrates and conducting crystallisation on these substrates, under microfluidic conditions, to investigate the geometrical effect of specific surface features on the nucleation and growth of organic and inorganic crystals. Hannah has also undertaken research looking at the degradation of the myelin sheath of neurones and their role in Multiple Sclerosis and plant science research examining the processes in genetically modifying crops to prevent lodging.

Hannah specialises in the field of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and medical technology patents.